S: SGCH Kastdmur's Audacious  ++*B
SS: SG Kastdemur's Full Service  ++*B
SD: GCH Kastdemur's Aubree 3*M
D: SG Kastdemur's The Envelope Please  6*M
DS: Sweet Harvest Rhys
DD: SGCH Kastdemur's Next Exit  5*M

DOB  02/17/2010
LA  4-3 85 VVV+
Her barn name is Surely. She is a dairy doe with a nicely
attached udder and perfect teat placement but not a real
milky doe. I got her bred in Dec. of 2012 she freshened in
2013 for the first time as a 3year old . She had been bred to
Kastdemur's Mr. Kastdemur and kidded with 2 does I
retained one. I AI'd her to Kastdemur's Freestyle for her 2nd
kidding and she kidded with 2 does, and again retained one.
Her 3rd kidding she was AI'd to Kastdemur's Hasta Lavista
and kidded with 1 buck who was sold as a herd sire.  She
produces lovely kids.
She has been bred this year to CH Robinett's Caprines
MonteVista to kid Feb. 23, 2018.
Died  November 3, 2017 rest in peace
Kastdemur's Without A Doubt
2/17/2010 - 11/3/2017