S: Kastdemur's Show And Tell  N1496078
SS: Kastdemur's Time In A Bottle
SD: GCH Lassenwood Miller Valentine  N1231334

D: Kastdemur's Bella Vista  N1379441
DS: Kastdemur's King Of The Hill  AI  N1358094
DD: SGCH Kastdemur's Terravista N1263686

Born 04/04/2012
LA 2014  2-1  88 VEE
G6 normal by parentage

Monte is a real tall long buck who excels in General
appearance beautiful level top line and head. A real
smooth blending buck.
Since he finished his championship in 2014 he was not
shown in 2015.
Finished his championship 2014 as a 2 year old 5 times
GCH 2 times BIS
His daughters are showing his strength of bone as well
as his body capacity and width along with good breed
CH Robinetts Caprines Montevista
Robinett's Caprines Intrepid  N1722675   AI

S: Kastdemur's King Of The Hill  N1358094  AI  ++*B
SS: Brown Sugars Crown Ambassador N0729928
SD: Lassenwood Miller Kiona  N1231298

D: Kastdemur's Integrity  N1497763  AI
DS: Sweet Harvest Show Time  N1260765
DD: Kastdemur's Audacity  N1229032

Born 3/11/2014
LA 4-1 84 +VE

Black with solid ears and brown trim white markings.
He is a deep bodied buck with tremndous spring of rib.
Shown 2 times in 2015 as a kid he placed 1 time 1st and 1 time 2nd.
In 2018 we freshened his first daughter in our herd and we were very
happy with her.  We are  looking forward to seeing more of them fresh,  
his litter sister is Intimacy who has a lovely mamery with plum teats.
Robinett's Caprines Intrepid
Robinett's Caprines Hastelugeo  N1843821   AI

S: Kastdemur's Haste La Vista  N1373327
SS: Kastdemur's King of the Hill  N1358094
SD: Kastdemur's Terra Vista N1263686

D: ORF Tootie Fruitie N1559736
DS: Kastdemur's Show and Tell  N1260765
DD: Kastdemur's Integrity N1497763

Born 3/9/2016

He is a very tall long dairy style buck. He has not been shown or LA maybe
once and if he ever fills out his large frame we will consider it. I have seen 2
milking daughhters and have been very pleased with them. I will continue to use
him to add dairiness and size, we are also hoping for milk production from
Haste La Vista.
Robinett's Caprines Hastelugeo
Robinett's Caprines Sundance  N1910708

S: Robinett's Caprines Outlaw
N1756524  AI
SS: Kastdemur's Most Wanted 1442915
SD: ORF Tootie Fruitie  N

D: Robinett's Caprines Intrigue  
DS: Kastdemur's Mr. Kastdemur
DD: Kastdemur's Integrity N1497763

Born: 3/6/2017
LA 1-1  86 +EV
G6S normal parentage

I love the general appearance on this buck and the consistancy
of general appearance that we see on his kids so far, still waiting
for milking udders. He also has a nice temperment and is very
easy to handle.
He was shown as a yearling buck and placed  2 times 1st, and 2
times 2nd.
Robinett's Caprines Enchanter  AN2056023

S: Robinett's Caprines Outlaw
N1756524  AI
SS: Kastdemur's Most Wanted 1442915
SD: ORF Tootie Fruitie  N

D: CH Robinett's Caprines Marie Lavo  
DS: Robinett's Caprines Rio Vista  N1547384
DD: Robinett's Caprines Voodo  AN1472393

Born: 3/17/2017

Enchanter rejoins our herd as a 2 year old after being
sold as a kid. Very much the style of Sundance but not
as tall and long bring more like Marie. He has never
been shown or LA possibly in 2020.
We have bred him to several of our American Nubian
does this year.
Robinett's Caprines Sundance
Robinett's Caprines Enchanter
RIP 04/04/2012 - 04/07/2020