Kastdemur's Integrity
Kastdemur's Simply Marvelous
Kastdemur's Without A Doubt
Kasdemur's Bella Vista
top pic 1st freshening  2 year old,   bottom
dry 5 yr. old
S: Sweet Harvest Show Time
SS: Little-Bics Rain Dancer
SD: CH Sweet-Harvest Show Me Yours
D: SCGH Kastdemur's Audacity 4*
DS: SG Kastdemur's LH Full Service ++*B
DD: GCH Kastdemur's Aubree 3*

DOB 02/02/2009
LA 2011 89 EEEE
LA 2013 90 VEEE
Integrity is a full sister to the 2 times National Champion
Kastdemur's Tamerity.  She is a beautiful headed doe, real uphill
and level over the topline with a very level rump and good
strength of bone.
I got her as a 3 year old and she had never traveled so she is not
happy when away from home so she is not part of our show
string, she is a brood doe. I have 2 bucks and 3 does of hers in
my herd.
S: Kastdemur's King Of The Hill  AI  ++*B
SS: Brown Sugars Crown Ambassador  ++*B
SD: GCH Lassenwood Miller Kiona  1*

D: SGCH Kastdemur's Mystere  2*
DS: SG Kastdemur's LH Full Service  ++*B
DD: SCGH Wooden-Bridge Banner Miracle AI

DOB 02/13/2010
LA 2013 90 VEEE
G6S Normal (tested)

Her barn name is Beans. She is a breeding that Karen and Krista Senn
did yearly they called Mystere and King married. They have
produced may beautiful animals both bucks and does who have gone
on to do extremely well in some fine herds around the country. I am
real excited about this doe, she has the beautiful head that Kings
seems to throw and tremendous depth of body and strength
Shown in 2014 she placed 4 times 1st and 4 times 2nd. Shown 2013
she placed 2 times 1st and 2 times best udder and 2 times Reserve
Champion. Not shown in 2015.
Rebreed Due late June or early July bred to Montevista  kids $1000
S: Kastdemur's King Of The Hill  AI ++*B
SS: Brown Sugars Crown Ambassador ++*B
SD: GCH Lassonwood Miller Kiona  1*M
D: GCH Kastdemur's Terravista  1*M
DS: SG Kastdemur's LH Full Service  ++*B
DD: Kastdemur's Exterra

DOB 04/21/2006
LA 2011 91 EEEE
G6S Normal (tested)
Bella is a very tall long dairy doe with tremendous length of neck and a
very level top line and strength of bone.
She got mastitis in 2008 after returning home from the National show
and has not been able to show as a milker since, though she has showed
as a dry milker winning her class. Tho 2014 and 2015 here udder has
remained even. Shown 2015 dry she placed 2nd and 1st place dam and
As a 1st freshening 2 year old in 2008 shown 5 times she was 4 times
1st 1 time GCH and 5th place at the ADGA National Show.
In 2007 shown 3 times she place 1 time 1st and Jr. Champion, 1 times
2nd and 11th at the ADGA National show in the Dry yearling class.
She has been bred to Robinett's Caprines Outlaw for March 17, 2016  
kids. I will retain 1st doe. Does and bucks $750.00

I have decided to retire Bella after 12 years of kidding.
S: SGCH Kastdmur's Audacious  ++*B
SS: SG Kastdemur's Full Service  ++*B
SD: GCH Kastdemur's Aubree 3*M
D: SG Kastdemur's The Envelope Please  6*M
DS: Sweet Harvest Rhys
DD: SGCH Kastdemur's Next Exit  5*M

DOB  02/17/2010
LA  4-3 85 VVV+
Her barn name is Surely. She is a dairy doe with a nicely
attached udder and perfect teat placement but not a real
milky doe. I got her bred in Dec. of 2012 she freshened in
2013 for the first time as a 3year old . She had been bred to
Kastdemur's Mr. Kastdemur and kidded with 2 does I
retained one. I AI'd her to Kastdemur's Freestyle for her 2nd
kidding and she kidded with 2 does, and again retained one.
Her 3rd kidding she was AI'd to Kastdemur's Hasta Lavista
and kidded with 1 buck who was sold as a herd sire.  She
produces lovely kids.
She has been bred this year to Robinett's  Caprines
MonteVista to kid May 13th 2016.
Bella's Dam Kastdemur's Terravista
planned breeding Without A Doubt
IN LOVING MEMORY 2/2/09-3/1/15

planned breeding Bellavista
planned pedigree